Welcome to Hell

Play a game

Welcome to the Asylum

Play a chaos game

Alzheimer's Patient

Play a game with an amnesia language pack

Spy vs Spy

Play a game in secret mode (no role reveal)


Play at least 2 games each in 10 different groups


Play at least 2 games each in 10 different language packs

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Play a game in secret amnesia mode


Play a 35 player game


Play a 5 player game


Play a game using any NSFW language pack


Play 100 games


Play 1000 games

Here's Johnny!

Get 50 kills as the serial killer

I've Got Your Back

Save 50 people as the Guardian Angel


Win a game as the Tanner

Wobble Wobble

Survive a game as the drunk (at least 10 players)


In a game of 20 or more people, do not get a single lynch vote against you (and survive)


Survive 100 games

Black Sheep

Get lynched first 3 games in a row


As the harlot, survive a 5+ night game without staying home or visiting the same person more than once

Mason Brother

Be one of at least two surviving masons in a game

Double Shifter

Change roles twice in one game (cult conversion does not count)

Hey Man, Nice Shot

As the hunter, use your dying shot to kill a wolf or serial killer

That's Why You Don't Stay Home

As a wolf or cultist, kill or convert a harlot that stayed home

Double Vision

Be one of two seers at the same time

Double Kill

Be part of the Serial Killer / Hunter ending

Should Have Known

As the Seer, reveal the Beholder

I See a Lack of Trust

As the Seer, get lynched on the first day

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Be one of at least 4 victims to die in a single night

Change Sides Works

Change roles in a game, and win

Forbidden Love

Win as a wolf / villager couple (villager, not village team)


Have a pull request merged into the repo

The First Stone

Be the first to cast a lynch vote 5 times in a single game

Smart Gunner

As the Gunner, both of your bullets hit a wolf, serial killer, or cultist


Find a different wolf, serial killer, arsonist, or cultist 4 nights in a row as the detective

Speed Dating

Have the bot select you as a lover (cupid failed to choose)

Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day

As the Fool, have at least two of your visions be correct by the end of the game

So Close!

As the Tanner, be tied for the most lynch votes

Cultist Convention

Be one of 10 or more cultists alive at the end of a game

Self Loving

As cupid, pick yourself as one of the lovers

Should've Said Something

As a wolf, your pack eats your lover (first night does not count)

Tanner Overkill

As the Tanner, have everyone (but yourself) vote to lynch you

Serial Samaritan

As the Serial Killer, kill at least 3 wolves in single game

Cultist Fodder

Be the cultist that is sent to attempt to convert the Cult Hunter

Lone Wolf

In a chaos game of 10 or more people, be the only wolf - and win

Pack Hunter

Be one of 7 living wolves at one time

Saved by the Bull(et)

As a villager, the wolves match the number of villagers, but the game does not end because the gunner has a bullet

In for the Long Haul

Survive for at least an hour in a single game


Kill your lover on the first night


Play 500 games. You can now join @werewolfvets

No Sorcery!

As a wolf, kill your sorcerer

Cultist Tracker

As the cultist hunter, kill at least 3 cultists in one game


As the clumsy guy, have at least 3 correct lynches by the end of the game


As the alpha wolf, successfully convert at least 3 victims into wolves

Did you guard yourself?

As the guardian angel, survive after 3 tries guarding an unattacked wolf

Spoiled Rich Brat

As the prince, still gets lynched even after revealing your identity

Three Little Wolves and a Big Bad Pig

As the sorcerer, survive a game with three or more alive wolves


As the mayor, successfully cast 3 lynch votes after revealing

I Helped!

As a wolf cub, the alive pack has 2 successful eat attempts after you die

It Was a Busy Night!

During the same night, got visited by 3 or more different visiting roles

Strongest Alpha

As the alpha wolf, successfully infect the serial killer!

Am I Your Seer?

As the fool, correctly spot the beholder

Demoted by the Death

As the hunter, shoot the wise elder with your final shot and die as lowly villager

Wasted Silver

As the blacksmith, spread your silver dust the same day that the sandman sings


As the wolf man, survive and win the game after being checked by seer

Deep Love

As the doppelgänger, choose your lover as role model. What a deep love <3

Time to retire...

As the sorcerer, be the last person alive in the village and lose the game

Seeing between Teams

Be in a seer/sorcerer couple

Just a Beardy Guy..?

As the wolf man, be infected by the alpha wolf and become a real werewolf. AWOOOOOOO!

That Came Unexpected!

As tanner, be lynched and win the game when there are only 3 persons left

Now I'm Blind

As the oracle, fail to get a vision because everyone else has the same role.

Every Man for Himself!

As the pacifist, save yourself from being lynched (at least 50% of votes have been cast for you already)

My Sweetie so Strong!

Be in love with the pacifist, and get saved from being lynched by them (at least 50% of votes have been cast for you already)

Cult Leader

Be a cultist from the beginning of the game, survive and win.

Thanks, Junior!

After the wolf pack ate the Drunk, you turn into a wolf and can try to eat someone while the rest of the wolf pack is drunk!

Death Village

Participate in a game that has no winner.

I Lost my Wisdom

As the wise elder, change your role! Suddenly you're not that wise anymore...


As the harlot, visit your lover!

Lucky Day

As the Alpha Wolf, infect the drunk and stay sober! Phew...

Condition Red!

As the last wolf alive, eat the traitor. Oh no!


Become Doppelgänger or Wild Child with your role model being yourself!

Psychopath Killer

As the serial killer, win a game with 35 players!

Today's Special!

Take part in a special werewolf event! Currently: Be fooled on April Fool's 2020!

Romeo and Juliet

Be in love with the tanner, and win by lynching your lover!

Really bad luck

As a serial killer, stumble in a grave, then kill someone randomly and get fought off by the guardian angel.


As a hunter, shoot another hunter causing them to shoot as well.

Double Shot

As the hunter or the gunner, shoot a bad role who is in love with another bad role!

Playing with the Fire

As the arsonist, burn 5 or more houses in one night.


As the arsonist, burn 10 or more houses in one night! What a nice firework :)

Cold as Ice

As the Snow Wolf, freeze the harlot. Their love is cold as ice.

Good Choice... For You

As the chemist, visit a player and survive 3 times in a single game.

Increase the Pack!

After the wolf cub died, infect 2 players as the alpha wolf!